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Stunning Network Generator

Streamline project planning with our network generator - visually map out task dependencies and resource requirements in seconds.


Fever Charts

Monitor project health with our fever charts - a dynamic way to visualize project progress over time.


Critical Chain Optimization

Improve project timelines with critical chain optimization - a data-driven, proven methodology for optimizing project schedules and resources.


Gantt Charts

With one-click Gantt charts that are presentation-ready, we make it easy for project managers to share timelines and progress updates with stakeholders.


Resource Utilization

Take control of your project's resources with our app - identify bottlenecks and optimize resource utilization to ensure your team is working effectively and efficiently.


Monte Carlo Simulation

Take the guesswork out of timelines with Monte Carlo simulation. A powerful tool that helps project managers forecast project timelines and determine probability scores for any date.


Sharing & Collaboration

Streamline team collaboration and improve project outcomes with our sharing features - easily share project schedules and dashboards to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.


Unlock Insights

Maximize project success - unlock valuable insights that enable you to proactively manage potential risks, optimize schedules, and keep your project on track.

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  • Powerful project management
  • Great visuals for one page project reporting
  • Manage tasks & focus on the most critical ones
  • Track your progress with interactive fever charts
  • Get probability of success on your milestone dates
  • Simple, visual, schedule builder that you and your teams will love!
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Project management

Effective project management is essential to the success of any business. From planning and scheduling, to resource allocation and risk management, project managers play a critical role in ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders. With Energer, project managers can optimize project schedules, visualize potential risks, and allocate resources effectively to ensure project success.

By streamlining collaboration and providing insights that enable data-driven decision-making, Energer empowers project managers to maximize team productivity and achieve their project goals. Whether you're a seasoned project manager or just starting out, Energer has the tools and features you need to take your project management game to the next level.


Charts and one page reports

Whether you need to report to stakeholders, team members, or senior management, Energer provides the tools you need to report project status with ease and accuracy. With our powerful features, project managers can easily track progress, communicate updates, and ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page.

Our simple fever chart provides a quick snapshot of project status, enabling stakeholders to get up-to-date information at a single glance. Our Gantt chart feature offers a single click generated images ready for any presentation. And with our progress metrics, anyone can track KPIs, monitor resource utilization, and identify areas for improvement. With these tools at your disposal, you can ensure that your project stays on track, stakeholders are informed, and progress is made towards project goals.


Optimizations & Simulations

Probability assessments are critical in project management, as they help project managers anticipate and plan for potential risks and uncertainties. With Energer's powerful Monte Carlo simulation and critical chain optimization features, project managers can accurately assess the probability of project success and identify potential areas of risk.

Our Monte Carlo simulation allows project managers to simulate various scenarios and outcomes based on probability distributions, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that maximize the likelihood of project success. Additionally, our critical chain optimization feature ensures that resources are allocated efficiently and that project schedules are optimized for success. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can minimize risk, increase project success rates, and achieve your project goals with confidence.


Resource Utilization

Resource management is a crucial aspect of successful project management, as it ensures that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively throughout the project's lifecycle. With Energer's powerful resource utilization feature, project managers can easily visualize how resources are being used throughout the project, identify potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies, and run "what-if" scenarios to optimize resource allocation, including optimizing hiring plans. This allows project managers to make data-driven decisions about resource allocation and hiring, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

With our resource management feature, you can maximize the effectiveness of your resources, minimize waste, and achieve your project goals with confidence.



Project Managers are taking advantage of Energer's Project Management Tools. It’s a new, transparent, visual, and efficient way to organize all of your project tasks.

I've been using Energer for several months now, and it has completely transformed the way I manage my projects. The easy-to-use network generator and critical path optimization features have saved me hours of time, and the resource utilization graphs and Monte Carlo simulations have helped me anticipate potential issues and plan accordingly. I highly recommend this website to anyone looking to streamline their project management processes.

I'm relatively new to project management, and this site has been a lifesaver for me. The simple network generator makes it easy to map out project schedules, and the resource utilization graphs have helped me optimize resource allocation. The progress metrics and status reporting features make it easy to communicate with stakeholders and keep everyone up-to-date on progress. I would recommend Energer to anyone, regardless of their level of project management experience.

"I was skeptical at first, but after trying out these tools, I'm a believer. The Monte Carlo simulation feature is incredibly powerful, and the ability to run "what-if" scenarios has helped me anticipate upcoming needs and make informed decisions. The network diagram tool is fantastic - I can't stop using it. Overall, Energer has helped me improve my project management skills and achieve better outcomes for my projects."

As a project manager, I'm always looking for ways to optimize my schedules and ensure project success. This website has been a game-changer for me. The fever charts and Gantt charts make it easy to visualize project progress, and the critical chain optimization feature has helped me allocate resources more efficiently. Plus, the support is fantastic - any time I have a question or issue, they're there to help me out. I can't recommend this website enough.

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