Gantt Charts with Swimlanes

Create stunning interactive visuals for your project presentations. Our easy-to-use, presentation-ready Gantt charts that will take your project management to the next level.

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What We Offer

Amazing-looking visuals

Our Gantt charts feature stunning, eye-catching graphics that are sure to impress your stakeholders. With vibrant colors, easy-to-read fonts, and intuitive design, our Gantt charts make it easy to convey complex project schedules in a simple, straightforward way. Represent multiple swimlanes for each resource or project area; highlight critical path, show milestones and progress.

Fully configurable

Our drag-and-drop interface lets you customize every aspect of your Gantt chart. From the layouts, to color themes used, you can create a chart that perfectly fits your needs and style preferences. Plus, with the ability to rearrange tasks and swimlanes with ease, you can quickly adjust your chart as your project evolves.

One-click generation

Forget about messing around with exports and imports – our Gantt charts are generated automatically using data from your network diagram, eliminating the need for messy exports and imports. Simply input your data into our network diagram and watch as your Gantt chart is automatically created. No more wasting time on tedious, manual processes – our website streamlines the process for you. Made changes to the network? Your gantt chart is already updated!

Ready for presentations

Our Gantt charts are designed with presentations in mind. With a professional, polished look and feel, our charts are perfect for sharing with stakeholders, team members, and other project managers. Whether you're creating a PowerPoint presentation or sharing your chart in another format, our Gantt charts are sure to impress. A single click allows you to download a picture to import into a slide or send as an email.


How does it work?


Create your schedule/network diagram for all the tasks

Make sure you sync the network so all the projected start/finish dates are calculated.


Select what you want to show

For any task you want to see on your Gantt chart, simply check the box and add a swimlane name. If you want to see all tasks, go to your project settings and click on 'see everything on the gantt chart' button.


Thats it!

Your gantt charts are ready for your presentations, or print them and have it available in your team rooms. If you make changes to your network/schedule, the gantt chart is automatically updated. See a demo below.

Easiest Gantt Charts you've ever tried!

Presentation Ready, automatically generated Gantt charts, what's not to love? Multiple swimlanes, great visual appeal and easy! Say goodbye to boring, complicated Gantt charts and hello to our easy-to-use, customizable, and presentation-ready Gantt charts. Sign up today and start creating stunning visuals for your project management needs.


Why do I need Gantt Charts?

A Gantt chart is a visual representation of a project schedule that shows all the tasks and activities involved in a project, their start and end dates, and their dependencies. It provides project managers with an easy-to-understand and dynamic overview of their project's progress, and can be used to identify potential scheduling conflicts or delays. Gantt charts are an essential tool for any project manager who wants to stay on top of their project's progress and ensure that it stays on track.

  • Easily communicate project timelines and milestones to stakeholders.
  • Monitor project progress and identify delays in real-time.
  • Anticipate and mitigate potential project risks by identifying potential bottlenecks or dependencies.

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