Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging Analytics to Improve Project Outcomes

In today's industry, decision making for projects is more critical than ever before. The project management decisions can have countless effects on the success or failure of the whole project. Fortunately, analytics can now help project managers make more accurate decision-making. Data-driven decision making has become prevalent in many businesses today, and it is no exception in project management.

Jan 28 2023
3 min

Building a Strong Foundation: Best Practices for Project Scope and Requirements Management

In order to ensure project success, it is imperative that a strong foundation is laid through effective project scope and requirements management. Failure to establish clear goals and expectations can lead to project failure, cost overruns, and delays. In this article, we explore best practices for project scope and requirements management to avoid scope creep and ensure that the project is completed within budget and on time.

Jan 21 2023
5 min

From Good to Great: Applying Six Sigma Principles to Project Management

Project management is an essential process for any organization, whether it is small or large. It involves planning, executing, and monitoring a project from its inception to its completion successfully. However, not all project management approaches are created equal. In recent years, many organizations have turned to one effective methodology: Six Sigma best practices. By applying Six Sigma principles to project management, organizations can improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

Jan 13 2023
6 min